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Vedova Nera

Barbera and Merlot Rosè, pet-nat- ancient method


“The Widows” are Italy. Fresh, sincere, drinkable and gastronomic, the tradition that enhances and tells us about who we are.

Naturally refermented wine in the bottle, like those of our grandparents who “if there is no bubble, it is not wine”, but with the extreme cleanliness of the aromas.

Barbera and Merlot, but the same light and carefree approach to life: and greedy, because there is no bottle of wine without bread, salami and cheese.

The refermentation in the bottle creates the sparkling wine in the bottle itself, thanks to a continuous and perpetual development, which refines year by year, constantly evolving.

LA VEDOVA NERA – Sparkling Rosè, pet-nat- Ancient method

WINE PRODUCTION AREA: Hills of Salsomaggiore (Pr) Italy

DENOMINATION: IGT Emilia Rosè frizzante

SOIL: chalky and clay

ALTITUDE: 380 meters

GRAPE VARIETY: Barbera 80%, Merlot 20%


WINE MAKING AND SHARPENING: rosè color due to few hours contact between grape skins and must. This wine is produced without micro-filtration. It completes the second fermentation inside the bottle naturally due to yeasts action. Yeasts create even the characteristic deposit in the bottle.

THINNING: best grapes selection.

HARVEST: manual harvest with particular selection of the grapes.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: cherry-red pink, fine and enduring perlage, in mouth is fresh and sapid. Aftertaste of red fruits like strawberries and raspberry.

COMBINATIONS: ideal as aperitif, it matches well traditional cold cuts such as Crudo di Parma or Culatello di Zibello but even flavourful dishes like stuffed pig foot.


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