Wine and TV Series – The Best Pairings

Wine and TV Series – The Best Pairings


Here is a classic scene from an American movie, which also finds a lot of resonance in reality. You come home, put down your keys, quickly slip into more comfortable shoes, and for the luckiest ones, you slip into your jammies right away.

All you desire is just  a moment for yourself, a bit of silence, interrupted only by the sound of a cork, popping from a bottle you’ve just opened.

It’s dinner time, you need something tasty on the go, and then, quickly, onto the couch, ready for a TV series marathon, with a glass and bottle within reach.

For all those who see themselves represented in this scene, I want to recommend you four bottles of Cantina Il Poggio to pair with four TV series.

Who said that wine only goes with food?


Let’s discover together the four wines from Cantina Il Poggio that, in our opinion, could be a perfect match for the type of TV series I’m about to propose to you.

Emily in Paris + Parmigianino

Emily in Paris who drinks champagne at a gala event.


Emily in Paris is a TV series released in 2020. A young, cheerful, sparkling, and independent American girl who leaves Chicago to pursue a career in fashion, in Paris, of course.

Parmigianino is a bit like Emily, always ready to bring a smile to your face from the moment you open it. Fresh, energetic, but romantic and elegant at the same time. Emily would surely appreciate a glass of it 😉

Season 4 is coming, and if I were you, I would stock up on a few cases because, considering the various events at the winery that will make it the main protagonist this summer, it won’t last long 🍾 🍾 🍾




Friends + Vedova Nera

Friends TV Show

Friends certainly couldn’t be missing from this list: the queen of all TV series, featuring six unexpected friends and their diverse adventures, both in work and love, in the most beautiful New York ever, that of the ’90s.

One of those series that keeps us company, makes us feel less alone, and improves our mood, and our bottle-refermented sparkling rosé is just the right bubbly to lift us up, together with Joey, Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe.

Moreover, Vedova Nera, with its pronounced acidity and notes reminiscent of raspberries, pairs perfectly with pizza.

Pizza, Vedova Nera, Friends, and the couch: what else? You don’t even need a partner 😉


Mandalorian, Book of Bobafet, and Ashoka + Falstaff

Star Wars - Baby YodaFrom the desolate lands of Tatooine to the most remote places of the Outer Rim, we fight the Empire with a refreshing glass of Falstaff.

Earthy, fruity, and crisp, like a Grogu’s embrace. Three seasons to be enjoyed in one gulp and accompanied by cured meats and cheeses on summer evenings.

The Mandalorian is a nerdy series, but not too much, smooth and likable, not taking itself too seriously: does it remind you of something? Take a look at Falstaff, Giuseppe Verdi’s Opera (originating from Parma) that captured the hearts of the people from Parma in the 19th century, just like Star Wars captured ours. And Falstaff will conquer you too: stock up, in preparation for the release of Ashoka 💪🏻



Peaky Blinders + Poggio 2017

Scena della serie TV Peaky Blinders - Tommy & GraceThe intense and mysterious gaze of Thomas Shelby perfectly embodies the depth and mystery of our masterpiece, Poggio. We recommend choosing the 2017 vintage for an evening immersed in 1920s Birmingham.

An explosion of maraschino cherries greets the nose, with plum dominating the scene. A lingering black pepper in the air and a hint of retro-nasal tobacco, to be enjoyed alongside the Peaky Blinders.

Just like this series is not meant for everyone, the Poggio 2017 is similarly exclusive. Choose the right person to share this bottle with, someone who can truly appreciate and lose themselves in the depths of a structured wine like Poggio.


In conclusion, we wish you relaxing summer evenings where you can slow down and savor wonderful bottles. Choose those that have value and a story behind the label, just like the ones from Cantina Il Poggio.