3 ideas for an Italian aperitivo at home

3 ideas for an Italian aperitivo at home

3 ideas for an Italian aperitif at home


Have you ever organized an aperitivo at home? Have you ever organized it professionally, in the perfect italian style, along with local and organic food?

In this article, you discover three different food choices along with three bottles of wine of Cantina Il Poggio that will make you shine next time you organize an aperitif at home!

Fieno cheese from Az. Agricola Iris + Falstaff 2022

Az. Agricola Iris in Lesignano de Bagni (PR) was officially established in the 1930s by Rino Avanzini. Iris is the guardian of biodiversity, especially the bovine breeds that once dominated the pre-Apennines hills, such as the “Bardigiana” (or “Pontremolese”), as well as various types of crops.

Fieno di Maggio is an innovative cheese, a product born in 2021. It is aged in small wooden barrels (barriques) and wrapped in hay harvested in May. The rustic aroma is inebriating, and it certainly requires a wine of equal structure and determination: Falstaff 2022 is the perfect wine for it, with its typical earthy notes of Barbera.

Discover all the products from Az. Agricola Iris; we ourselves serve their 30-month Parmigiano Reggiano during our wine tastings because we believe in the extremely high quality of their work. 💪🏻😎

Strolghino Leporati + Vedova Nera

It all started, as always, with a man full of passion: Nello Leporati who, in 1969, he decided to pursue his dreams and opened the Leporati Prosciutti company, up on the hills of Langhirano (PR).

Today, the Leporati brand has been officially registered in the special register of historical trademarks of national interest by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy. Since the early 2000s, the company has always been very attentive to environmental sustainability, obtaining the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) certification for the assessment and improvement of its environmental performance.

Among their products, we feel confident recommending Strolghino Leporati, a typical salami from the areas of Parma and Piacenza, paired with our rosé, Vedova Nera.

The tangy and juicy sparkling wine, reminiscent of the refreshing aromas of Vedova Nera’s grapefruit, perfectly cleanses the palate from the Strolghino slices. Slice after slice, it will suddenly disappear, as well as the Vedova. 😎

Patas nana + Liberty

For a hassle-free but classy aperitif, Patas Nana is perfect. This gem is not Made in Italy, but rather from our Spanish cousins. Simple, artisanal, packaged without the use of preservative gases, perfect for our bottle of chardonnay, the Liberty 🍾

We are fully aware that having an aperitif at a winery bar is much more easy and convenient. However, it is way more fullfilling when you choose a quality bottle well combined with nice and genuine food. Try it to believe me! This is how italians do it 😉

And if you don’t have our bottles at home, feel free to concact us, we’ll be glad to hear it from you! 😀


Do you like these food and wine pairings we are lately suggesting? Let us know in the comment section, down below 👇🏻


Cheers y’ll 🥂