A Summer weekend among the hills of Parma

A Summer weekend among the hills of Parma


Are you in the mood for a summer weekend among the hills of Parma, but you don’t know where to start? No problem! 😎 Below, I have specially prepared an itinerary for you that includes outdoor activities, educational and interactive food and wine tours, and a bit of relaxation amidst the gentle hills of Parma.

Let’s get started!

Butteri Dairy Farm

Caseificio Butteri - Provincia di Parma

On Saturday morning, you’ll need to wake up a bit early. At 7:30, you should be at Butteri Dairy Farm for a tour guided by the incredibly friendly Paolo, the owner of the company. He will explain in a highly professional way how Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is produced.

The tour will begin  in the production area, where Paolo will explain you the various stages. Afterwards, there will be a break, when you will be offered some yogurt or “panna cotta” (typical ’90s dessert in Italy) to taste, as a treat. Paolo will also take you to the barn, where he will show you the livestock and provide specific information about their strictly regulated diet. There will also be a moment to admire the cheese wheels, peacefully resting for at least 12 months. Finally, you will return to the production area to see, with your own eyes, how a Parmigiano Reggiano wheel takes shape 😀

Lo staff della Cantina Il Poggio in visita al Caseificio Butteri che mangia, presto al mattino, una porzione di panna montata

The most significant thing that Paolo manages to convey, in our opinion, is the passion that he and his family have passed down through generations for this profession.

It is a very demanding job that doesn’t allow for days off (or hardly any). However, it comes out a product that is appreciated and loved worldwide. It is also incredibly healthy and an essential part of every Italian’s table. A few months ago, Mattia took us on the visit, and the thing that impressed me the most is that each wheel is different from the others: the hand, the gestures, and the experience of each cheesemaker make them all unique.

We truly recommend Butteri Dairy Farm with all our hearts. The visited tour will cost €15 per person and you will have an experience and understand how one of the best cheeses in the world is produced.

Parco dello Stirone Equestrian Club

Passeggiata a cavallo immersi nella natura

What about a horse ride? Why not! Something different, out of the ordinary, that you don’t often get a chance to do. Parco dello Stirone Equestrian Club offers various activities and horseback excursions, ranging from a leisurely one and a half hour ride to longer routes, such as from Parco dello Stirone to the Po River.

Furthermore, on their website, you can find a section dedicated to events, night rides, a visit to the Stirone Canyon, and even a Horsemanship course, in order to learn how to empathize with horses.Parco regionale dello Stirone

At this point, the afternoon seems to be coming to an end, and you’ll need some refreshment. Trattoria Ceriati is the perfect restaurant to enjoy typical cuisine from Parma and taste wines from the area.

MuMab – Ancient Sea and Biodiversity Museum

MuMAB - Museo Mare Antico e Biodiversità a San Nicomede a Salsomaggiore TermeLet’s start Sunday morning with a bit of history. In San Nicomede, a small village near Salsomaggiore Terme city centre, you’ll find the MuMab – Ancient Sea and Biodiversity Museum (did you know that many, many centuries ago, the Po Valley was a marine gulf?), where you can enrich your knowledge of natural history, a story that few people know.

In fact, in this area, in 1985, one of the most sensational discoveries of all time was made: paleontologist Raffaele Quarantelli found a very curious fossil that was later named Plesiobalaenoptera quarantellii in 2010, a whale that lived in the waters of the Stirone during the Miocene Era. Nurturing curiosity for this type of history gives us a greater awareness of the composition of our soils, which include the presence of schists that contribute to stronger and more vigorous viticulture.

Ristorante Osteria Castello di Scipione


Your morning is now almost over, just in time for a memorable Sunday lunch. We highly recommend the Osteria del Castello Restaurant in Scipione Castello, which will surely welcome you with utmost courtesy and professionalism, perfectly pairing their dishes with the wine list.

Cantina Il Poggio

Ending on a high note, with a view from the highest hill in Cangelasio at Il Poggio Winery. A young reality led by young people, with an incredibly forward-thinking mindset, just like our wines. From the classic Wine Tasting that includes five wines with five food pairings to a variety of events, from jazz music to Angus grills on a midsummer evening. In short, boredom is never an option here on the top of Poggio, especially during summer when every Thursday offers the possibility of a aperitif beyond the golden hour.

All you need is to contact us. 😉

Cantina Il Poggio all'interno della Tenuta Il Poggiolo a Salsomaggiore Terme, Località Cangelasio