Weekend in Parma – The Complete Guide (Spring edition 🌺)

Weekend in Parma – The Complete Guide (Spring edition 🌺)

Foto della vite di Trebbiano in fase di fioritura presso Cantina Il Poggio di Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma)


Are you in the mood for…

  • escaping from your city (or remote village)
  • for a weekend visiting an Italian city
  • an Italian city rich in art, history, and culture that is of small to medium size and also has an excellent food and wine offering
  • you want to combine art and culture with good food and maybe even a great bottle of wine
  • but you’re not sure where to start and which places would be best to visit
  • you’re almost about to give up your plans when…


…suddenly, you type “weekend in Parma” into the Google search bar, and among the top results, you immediately find this article from Cantina Il Poggio:

“Weekend in Parma – The Complete Guide (Spring edition 🌺)”

A complete guide? Exactly, you got it right. You don’t have to worry about a thing. You just need to keep reading, save this article to your favorites, and follow exactly all the steps outlined below. But first, let me introduce myself.

I am Alessandra, wine hospitality manager at Cantina Il Poggio, and among other things, I am responsible for writing contents and articles for our blog section.

I am part of the marketing and communication team and in the blog, besides talking about wine, I give you ideas, insights, and useful tips for visiting and getting to know the main cultural and food and wine attractions of our territory.

With this type of content, I want to promote our land, Emilia, specifically targeting the food and wine tourist who wishes to reconcile art, culture, local food, and wine.

Do you identify with this type of tourist? If so, after reading this article, all you have to do is browse our blog, where you can find many well-constructed and mapped itineraries that will help you visit the counties of Parma and Piacenza and come back to us more often 😊


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In short, whatever time of the year you find yourself in, there’s a complete itinerary just for you, featuring various tourist attractions, always with an important focus on food & wine. Each of these articles is constantly updated and improved, and you can also contact us by phone at +39 0524574200 or send us an email at info@cantinailpoggio.it if you ever need more specific, useful advice for your particular needs.

But now let’s get back to our main topic.


Weekend in Parma – The Complete Guide (Spring edition 🌺)

Vista delle colline di Parma da Cantina Il Poggio di Salsomaggiore Terme


The Weekend in Parma – The Complete Guide (Spring edition🌺) itinerary covers a specific area of the province, as the province of Parma is truly very, very extensive. So, I’ll take you through the hills of Salsomaggiore Terme and Fidenza, a perfect destination for an unforgettable spring weekend.

This enchanting portion of the Emilian territory is rich in history, culture, and culinary traditions; it also offers a wide range of activities to satisfy all the expectations of the food and wine tourist.

Let’s start with a bit of planning.

For your stay, I recommend booking:

  • a room at the Grand Hotel in Salsomaggiore Terme ➡️ call the reception directly or send an email to make the reservation, rather than using online portals. Make sure that spa access is included in the reservation, a must for your April weekend in Parma
  • a wine brunch at Cantina Il Poggio ➡️ Remember to wear comfortable shoes 👟 because Saturday morning is planned for a tour visit among the vineyards 🍇 and brunch time!
  • a table at Ristorante La Valle for Saturday evening ➡️ wear an elegant, yet understated outfit.

Finally, the long-awaited weekend has arrived!

Have you packed your bags? 🧳 Have you booked everything?

Let’s get started! 🚗


Arrival in Salsomaggiore Terme – First Exploration

Hop in your car and head to the town of Salsomaggiore Terme, setting your GPS to the address of the Grand Hotel Salsomaggiore (Via della Rosa, 1) where you can also make use of the parking they provide for guests (call ahead to inquire about any additional costs).

Once you’ve arrived at the hotel, check-in and take a few moments to admire the beauty of the hotel.

If it’s not too late, I recommend going to Parma.

Foto di Piazza Garibaldi a Parma in primavera, orario aperitivo.


With just a half-hour drive, you can reach the Toschi parking lot, centrally located but outside the restricted traffic zone (active from 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM) – this parking is great for those with a GPL car, as you have the option to park on level -1.

You can enjoy the lively atmosphere of Parma: from the parking lot, walk along Via Mazzini, and you’ll easily and quickly reach Piazza Garibaldi, where all the Friday and Saturday night activities take place.

The beauty of Parma is that it’s a city where the main attractions are well gathered and easily accessible. In this article, you can find a list of food&wine attractions that we recommend trying in downtown Parma.


However, if you’re too tired from the journey and prefer to stay around Salsomaggiore, we recommend a quiet and super typical dinner at Trattoria L’Oca Bianca, for a true experience of Parmesan cuisine, pampered by the restaurant staff.

After dinner, we suggest trying some gelato from Gelateria Sanelli, the most historic gelateria in Salsomaggiore Terme, winner of the three cones from Gambero Rosso.


Wine brunch, Spa Retreat, and Dinner in Perfect Food Valley Style

Saturday morning, wake up early and get ready for an immersive experience in the surrounding nature. Have you remembered your comfortable shoes?👟 From downtown Salsomaggiore Terme, in a 10-minute drive, you’ll reach Cantina Il Poggio for the wine brunch experience!


Brunch at winery, Cantina Il Poggio, Salsomaggiore Terme


Together with the staff, immerse yourself in a unique experience, among the vineyards, in perfect style with the increasingly frequent request from food and wine tourists, who love to combine good food and wine with the beauty of the rural landscapes of our Bel Paese.

Salsomaggiore, specifically the hamlet of Cangelasio, where our winery is located, is renowned for its picturesque vineyards and well-marked trails that offer breathtaking panoramic views of the green hilly slopes.

During the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to learn many notions about italian viticulture and admire up close the local flora and fauna, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the ease of the Emilian countryside.

The visiting tour will last about a 45 minutes, concluding with the brunch on our panoramic terrace.


Foto che ritrae in primavera la terrazza panoramica dove si svolgono le degustazioni di vino presso Cantina Il Poggio di Salsomaggiore Terme (PR)


Specifically, it will consist of six glasses paired with local and km0 food products, such as Parmigiano Reggiano from Az. Agricola Iris or even Culatello di Zibello from Salumificio Dallatana.



In the afternoon, you’ll need to recharge your energy and rest. Treat yourself to a well-deserved moment of relaxation at the renowned spa of the Grand Hotel. Located in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort, the spa offers a wide range of rejuvenating treatments. Let yourself be pampered by the expert hands of the operators and enjoy a regenerating break for mind and body.

For dinner, we recommend booking a table at Ristorante La Valle, a paradise on the hills of Salsomaggiore Terme, near Fidenza. An enchanting place, with outdoor tables to enjoy an unforgettable sunset.

The staff is extremely professional and friendly, the menu is short and refined, and the wine bottles reflect the soul of the place.

Every single detail, from the table setting to the interior decoration, is well cared for, and this is evident from the beginning of the dinner when they will bring you baked goods, such as breadsticks or crackers, but also bread and focaccia made with their sourdough.

A gem is the fresh and fruity olive oil they use: it’s ours 😊 and you will have already tasted it during the brunch, on our yummy bruschetta. 

🥐 Sunday

Indulgent and Artisanal Breakfasts, Shopping at Fidenza Village

If I were you, I wouldn’t leave without stopping by Pasticceria Tosi for a truly satisfying breakfast. Even if breakfast is included in your reservation at the Grand Hotel, trust me. Treat yourself to a second round, on Sunday morning, at Pasticceria Tosi.


Sbrisolona di Pasticceria Tosi, dolce tipico della tradizione parmense.


With a charming outdoor courtyard, where you can enjoy the spring breeze, you enter this historic pastry shop, founded in Salsomaggiore in 1962.

Famous for its Focaccia, the fragrant croissants (also vegan) and aromatic coffees are not to be missed. The staff is friendly and kind, so if you often struggle to find a place where you can enjoy a truly rich and impactful breakfast, you absolutely must try Pasticceria Tosi.


After one last stroll through the charming streets of Salsomaggiore, before heading home, make a stop at Fidenza Village, one of the most exclusive fashion outlets in the region.

Located in Fidenza, right off the highway exit, this shopping village offers a wide selection of boutiques from international brands, such as Prada, Valentino, Zegna, Boggi, Coccinelle, Liu Jo, Gutteridge, etc.

For a quick snack that won’t weigh you down too much given the weekend just spent, I recommend a quick sandwich from Parma Menù, a company active since 1966 throughout the Parma area precisely to satisfy the appetite and taste of Emilian travelers who stop by us.



I hope you enjoyed this journey through the hills of Parma and that it has allowed you to discover what our land has to offer.

Spring is definitely the ideal time, but autumn, between September and November, is equally enchanting.

Cantina Il Poggio is open all year round (except during the Christmas period), from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a wine tasting (reservation required) or if you’re in hurry, purchase wine directly from our wine shop.

To book an experience, visit our website, where you’ll find multiple formats and events. One of the best appreciated is the Vip Experience (transport included) to fully immerse yourself in a unique food and wine journey, reflecting the soul of our hills.


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So, are you in?😎🍷 We’re waiting for you!