A weekend at home – a domestic itinerary

A weekend at home – a domestic itinerary

A weekend at home - a domestic itinerary


Dear reader,

the holidays have just ended, and it’s time to enjoy some peace and healthy tranquility, continuing to bask in that classic winter lethargy where the ‘Netflix and a blanket’ mood reign over every moment of life.


So, why an itinerary?


Because we don’t want to leave you bored, quite the opposite.

Here I am again, with a food and wine itinerary tailored just for you, but one that doesn’t require any physical travel (or almost any) πŸš—


Are you ready? Let’s begin!

  • Friday night: couch and Netflix, with the Falstaff
  • Saturday afternoon: tasting with friends, featuring the Vedove
  • Sunday morning: lunch at their place, with the Parmigianino


The itinerary is easily set.


On Friday night, relax on the couch, watching your current favorite series on Netflix, while sipping a glass of our no-added-sulfite Barbera, our Falstaff. If you feel like preparing a board of pecorino cheese for snacking, it’s the perfect nibble πŸ˜‰ And if you’re in the mood to cook, here’s an article from our blog that will surprise you with a Falstaff Gourmet Tasting Menu.


By Saturday, around 5:00 PM, it’s time to uncork the Vedove (Vedovona and then Vedova Nera). Call over some friends, prepare a platter of cold cuts (Prosciutto di Parma pairs beautifully) and a few slices of pizza, which go wonderfully well with these two bottle-refermented wines. But don’t overindulge, because tomorrow’s lunch awaits (and with the Vedove, it’s a breeze).


Sunday lunch, feeling a bit sleepy, with your tie still to be tied, get that bottle of Parmigianino ready and when you arrive at your in-laws’, make sure to promptly put it in the fridge. Did you tell your mother-in-law to prepare some tortelli d’erbetta? Tell her to read and draw inspiration from our Parmigianino Gourmet Tasting Menu, so she doesn’t always cook the same things πŸ˜‰


But most importantly, do you have wine at home? What if you finished it all during the holidays? πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸ˜ Give us a ring, and we’ll take care of you! Meanwhile, I wish you a slow and delightful January πŸ₯‚


With affection,