Essential Wine Podcasts for All Levels

Essential Wine Podcasts for All Levels


Three wine podcasts you absolutely must listen to – for beginners and beyond

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Unlock the world of wine effortlessly! Dive into 3 essential podcasts designed for beginners and enthusiasts alike. No need for reading or courses—just sip back and soak up the knowledge


“Mattia, let’s do a podcast about wine and our winery!”


You should know that I always have a thousand ideas that I run by Mattia. Sadly, most of these ideas get some terribly sensible “NOs.”

And do you know why? Because, as they say in the United States, ideas are worth nothing. You can have a good idea, but if you don’t know how to develop it or who to address it to, it will fall into the void like the hundreds of thousands of ideas each of us has every day. 


It takes a project management. And at Cantina Il Poggio, we’re big fans of projects! Without a plan behind it, even the first step is pointless.


But let’s get back to my podcast idea. Why should we do it?


“Recently”, the world of podcasts has been a thriving market because it answers a perfect demand: we don’t have as much time to deeply educate ourselves as we’d like, yet we spend a lot of time wasting time.

The classic example that annoys everyone is transport. Hours and hours spent driving, on the train, endless waits at the bus stop that never arrives, an intercontinental flight, perhaps several times a week.


But as soon as you become a podcast listener, these situations transform into chances to learn something new!


So, the day I proposed to Mattia to do a podcast, I had numbers, studies, and statistics on my side, such as:

  • Convenient to consume: podcasts prove to be the only “intimate” media, seamlessly integrating into people’s lives and daily routines, especially during commutes. Not just then. Even while cooking, cleaning the house, taking a car trip with your partner and wanting to listen to something interesting, waiting in line at the post office, taking a shower, etc.


  • Active and conscious participation: those who listen to the series or the individual episode consciously choose to listen (it’s not content that randomly appears in your Instagram feed) and thus start to immerse themselves totally in the narrative, imagining the scene the podcaster is describing, storing information.

No other form of communication has this level of “intimacy.”

  • Some data: according to a study by Podcast Italia Network, the first house of branded podcasts in Italy, people listen on average to 40 minutes a day of podcasts. 35% listen to inform themselves, 33% to discover new content, 28% for entertainment, and the under 35s for professional training.

But let’s get to us.


If you’re starting to get passionate about the world of wine and want to know more, there are wine courses, winery visits, books to read, but it seems that podcast series are one of the best tools to learn about this subject.


So here I am, coming to your aid 😉


In this article, I recommend three podcasts series about the world of wine that you absolutely must listen to (for beginners and beyond) if you desire to learn more but have little time to read or participate in a wine course.


Shall we begin?

💡 A piece of advice: when listening to podcasts to educate yourself on a subject, have pen and notepad at hand (paper or digital, as you prefer) so you don’t forget it.


1. The Grape Nation

Wine expert Sam Benrubi hosts The Grape Nation on Heritage Radio in New York City. Each week, an expert guest joins to recommend a wine list. Recent guests include André Hueston Mack, winemaker/sommelier, Genevieve Janssens, Chief Winemaker at Robert Mondavi, and Yannick Benjamin, cofounder and director of Development at Wheeling Forward.


2. Wine for Normal People

Wine for Normal People, hosted by Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider CSW and M.C. Ice, aims to demystify wine complexities for the layperson. Schneider provides educational segments—whether a deep exploration of a topic or an enlightening interview—tailored for beginners. Detailed show notes accompany each episode, ensuring continued learning for listeners.


3. Wine Enthusiast Podcast 

Wine Enthusias podcast offers biweekly episodes, their podcast features editors exploring aspects of their specific regions. Each episode delves into new trends, offers educational insights, and introduces the passionate individuals behind the crafting, shaking, fermenting, and pouring of their favorite beverages. A story lies within every bottle.



Am I forgetting something?

Oh yes!

Would you like to, one day, follow and listen to the podcast from Cantina Il Poggio? If so, help me convince Mattia 😅, leave me a message on the our Instagram page!