The perfect sommelier’s toolkit

The perfect sommelier’s toolkit: 5 Tools + 1 Special

La valigetta del perfetto sommelier


If you are a wine enthusiast, you know how essential it is to have the right tools at your fingertips to fully enjoy each sip and appreciate the nuances of every bottle. The sommelier’s toolkit is arguably the “toolbox” that every respectable sommelier or wine lover must have. In this article, we will discover the 5 essential tools (plus 1 special) that should never be missing at home or when embarking on a journey to explore new wine realities.

1. Wine Grapes: A complete guide to 1,368 vine varieties, including their origins and flavours

Wine Grapes: A complete guide to 1,368 vine varieties, including their origins and flavoursis the perfect companion for every tasting. This manual, rich in detailed information about grape varieties, provides a comprehensive overview of different grape types. Essential for identifying the scents, flavors, and unique characteristics of each variety, this guide is like a map guiding you through the sensory landscapes of the wine world.

2. The Corkscrew

The corkscrew is the loyal soldier of every sommelier. Technology has made significant strides in this area as well. In addition to the classic lever corkscrew, there are now electric and even smart models that allow you to open a bottle with a touch on your smartphone. The ease of opening a bottle is crucial to maintaining an atmosphere of elegance and avoiding unnecessary stress during tastings.

3. Decanter

The decanter is the accessory that transforms a good wine into an extraordinary experience, necessary for allowing an old vintage wine to breathe, releasing hidden aromas and flavors. Investing in a quality decanter is like giving your wine a first-class ticket to fully explore its potential.

4. Ice Bag: Temperature Control in Style

Maintaining wine at the right temperature is crucial. The ice bag is the key element to ensure that your white is cool and the red is at the ideal tasting temperature. Convenient to carry around during a day out or a picnic in the vineyard, it avoids the need to worry about ice and coolers.

5. Wine Notebook – Track Your Wine Journey

A wine lover or sommelier without a notebook is like a traveler without a diary. This tool allows you to jot down your impressions of each bottle, keeping track of your favorite wines and those to avoid. Today, there are also digital notebooks, allowing you to sync your notes across different platforms and share your discoveries with other enthusiasts. I highly recommend the WSET app that guides you in judging the glass according to their study method, in our opinion, the most valid among all wine courses.

Special: Coravin – The Art of Tasting Without Opening

Coravin is the magic touch in the sommelier’s toolkit. This tool allows you to taste wine without opening the bottle, preserving the original characteristics of the wine. Coravin models are becoming increasingly advanced, ensuring a perfect tasting even with older bottles. A revolutionary choice for those who love savoring wine without having to consume it completely, as with our 2020 Poggio bottle.


In conclusion, the sommelier’s toolkit is the haven for every wine lover, and with these 5 tools + 1 special, you will be ready to explore the vast world of wine. Each tool is designed to enhance your tasting experience and enable you to discover new nuances and aromas in every bottle