It’s autumn and the leaves start falling. But first, they change their colours, creating a magnificent specatcle of nature called foliage.


An amazing spectacle carachterized by the changing of the leaves turning from green to yellow, orange, red and brown, creating a wonderful and shimmering colour palette.

Foliage is a  natural event which can be witnessed between october and november in the woods, thanks to the temperature range between day and night.

For years now it has become a real experience of nature.


Foliage is an english term that litterally means “greenery”, “pile of leaves”. The meaning in which it is mostly used is the most peculiar one of autumn / fall foliage that describes – especially in the countries of North America –  the woods and the set of trees in their autumn colors. 


This phenomenon is becoming more and more social and to share. To go for a hike through the woods and taking pictures of its colours is certainly a moment that gives wellness. Besides, it can be considered a blessing for health. In fact it is commonly known that spending the weekend or even just a few hour outside is good for our bodies and spirits.

The many vineyards of Emilia-Romagna are among the most recommended places to admire this phenomenon. Here, depending on the grapes variety, you can admire shades of gold, magenta and burgundy.

And since vineyards are our world, why not take advantage of it ?

This october, here at Cantina Il Poggio, you will have the possibility to take part to an exclusive e-bike panoramic tour of the Salso hills. You will be followed by specialized guides and accompanied by expert enologists during the final tasting of the wines of the winery, here in our unique panoramic tasting room.

You will se the most beautiful hills in Emilia-Romagna through the fast but not elusive look of the bikers, with calm step and without anxieties, enjoying the autumn breeze and the breathtaking views that Salsomaggiore offers us.

Last e-bike event at Cantina Il Poggio

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