ONAV courses are restarting !

ONAV: Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori di Vino

ONAV courses are restarting !

The italian National Organization of Wine Tasters was born in Asti in 1951 for responding to the need of create a team of reliable tasters, specifically prepared and examined, involved into evaluate the wines produced at the time.

The taster must demonstrate natural talent and specific technical knowledge, which could be obtained through an in-depth training. All this in order to certify the students and make them qualified to give a meaningful and complete judgement on the quality of the tasted wine.

Today, ONAV classes are widespread throughout Italy and beyond: they also have active sections abroad such as Colombia, Bruxelles, Perù and UAE. ONAV also created a magazine you can receive every three months called “L’Assaggiatore”.

The aim is to refresh former student’s memories with tastings and experiences !

The course in Parma

I am Mattia, Wine Expert and Master Taster working here at Cantina Il Poggio, and for years now I’m part of ONAV with an active role in the city council. I’m the forst promoter of this beautiful association and of its classes, always in-depth and never ordinary.

We’re holding a new class here in Parma to become first level tasters, that will start on September 20 at the University of Parma. It’s a course consisting in 16 theoretical-practical lessons wit a final exam that will allow to obtain the diploma of firts level expert taster, capable of recognize the quality of the wines and describe the differences thanks to the new knowlede and experiences acquired. All this, of course, passing through the tasting of over 50 wines chosen to represent local, international, traditional and innovative styles and techniques of production.

The new course in Parma is already available for booking, many were waiting for this opportunity! You will finally be able to measure with the most important Wine Taster Course in the world, the only course recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture. A course dedicated to all lovers even without experience! It is essential in order to know the wine, from the bunches to the bottle, and learn to taste it and appreciate it consciously.

One of our Onav classes !

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