Women are better wine tasters

Women are better wine tasters. They can identify a larger range of aromas, and are more severe in giving scores.

Women are better wine tasters

Women are disadvantaged in the production of enzymes to digest alcohol. But it is also true that, for a mere biological issue, they are more predisposed to the art of tasting and sommelier activity. In fact, especially if they are of reproductive age, Women have a greater sensitivity to smells and a better perception of flavor nuances.

Natural propensity

It’s a matter of natural propensity, supported by at least two important scientifical studies. The first one was made in 2014 by the “Sensory Science Testing and Research Centre” from Kent, UK. This study proved that the ability to identify a wide range of flavours and aromas in wine, such as in food, is significantly more prominent among women.

Another study has been done to confirm the theory that would like the fair sex potentially, and of course, more led to wine criticism.

At the “Universidad Politecnica de Madrid”, doctor Caroline Chaya led 208 people through a blind tasting of 6 different wines.

The result, as the british magazine “The drinks business” wrote in one of its articles, is that in general men gave on average higher scores based on the whole range of emotions related to the wines they tasted. Women, since they stayed on lower scores, identified more marked differences between the wines to which they have been subjected. Thus, as confirmed by the study published by the scientific journal “Food Quality and Preference”, the range of aromas that a woman can identify, and judge, is on average wider than that of men.

Woman tasters

It’s easy to see that the number of women that take part in courses for sommeliers or tasters is constantly increasing.

More than a half of the partecipants are usually women, witha  good palate and excellent skills. A lot of the enter the wine world directly as tasters, specialized figures trained to taste the wine in ana analytic way and to recognize all of its specific characteristics

Masculine and feminine respond differently to gustatory stimulations, allowing studies to understand what brings a wine to be more or less appreciated.

Wine Club

Here at Cantina il Poggio we see more and more often “inexperienced” female tasters who enter the glass very well, even more so for the vertical tasting of our old vintages!

Challenge your partner in a sensorial analysis of wine ! soon will resume the courses here in our winery, the “Wine Club”!  When? Keep an eye on your emails and social media, the latest edition has gone like crazy.

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