Autumn Menu to Pair with Gelasio 2022

Autumn Menu to Pair with Gelasio 2022

Gelasio 2022, bianco fermo, malvasia macerata, affinata per 6 mesi in botte d'acacia di Cantina Il Poggio a Salsomaggiore Terme. In abbinamento, Parmigiano Reggiano 36 mesi di Az. Agricola Iris di Rivalta (Lesignano de Bagni -PR) con miele di Castagno selvatico


Anyone who has visited us in recent months here at Cantina Il Poggio knows that Gelasio has undergone a transformation.

It has become a wonderful macerated Malvasia on the skins for 24 hours, and a portion of it has been aged in acacia barrels for 6 months. It’s a white dressed in red, 14.5% alcohol, a bottle that certainly demands attention, meant to be shared with the right person.

Highly aromatic on the nose, with balsamic notes that bring to mind chestnut honey, pine resin (the one you used to get your hands dirty with as a child, remember?), and candied apricot. In the mouth, it surprises with smoky hints reminiscent of toasted almonds. Smooth, velvety, and enveloping, during tasting, we pair it with 36-month-old Parmigiano Reggiano from Az. Agricola Iris with a couple of generous spoonfuls of raspberry or wild chestnut honey. But above all, the Parmigiano creates a delightful contrast with the wine.

This honey is truly special to us: Aldo, the gentleman who owns the beehives, from Casa Pietra, leaves his hives on our estate every summer, and the bees flutter freely among the vineyard rows and fruit trees. It’s all a closed-loop system, in collaboration with local producers😊

Malvasia is a wonderful grape variety, super versatile, with great aging potential, not only over the years but even in months.

Setting aside the Parmigiano and Malvasia pairing, a winning combination typical of Parma, the Italian Food Valley, what can we pair with Gelasio 2022?

Let’s find out together! πŸ‘‡πŸ»


Tagliolini pasta with truffles

Bottle at room temperature (or close to it), we start with the first course, and what better way to start autumn than with truffles? Tagliolini pasta, strictly homemade, because otherwise, there’s no taste or satisfaction, meld with a knob of butter in the pan. Gelasio pairs perfectly because its viscosity and smoothness enhance the richness of the tagliolini, while the truffle shines on the palate.

But I’ll leave you in expert hands, the hands of the Michelin-starred chef Enrico Crippa, who in this video from Italia Squisita, perfectly presents how to prepare this wonderful plate.


Autumn Veal Roast with Porcini, Chestnuts, and Crispy Pumpkin

We’re halfway through the bottle, and it’s time for the second course. It’s probably Sunday, and someone has decided that it’s the day of the week when you can indulge in culinary delights. So, a beautiful veal roast, enriched with all the crispy and velvety flavors typical of this season, is on the menu. Why does Gelasio pair well? The smoky sensation in the mouth complements the umami notes of the mushrooms, and the sweetness of the aromas on the nose is even more pronounced thanks to the retro-nasal sweetness that develops between the pumpkin and the chestnuts.

Take a look at La Cucina Italiana’s recipe; we found it to be super original 😎

Castagnaccio (Chestnut Cake)

There’s just one glass each left, just enough for a slice of Castagnaccio, the typical Tuscan dessert, my homeland. I would give you my grandmother Elsa’s recipe for this dessert, but she’s not known for providing accurate measurements (a bit of this, a handful of that, a pinch of the other, and so on). Pastry-making is mathematics and chemistry; you have to rigorously follow the procedures and the right quantities of ingredients (much like when a winemaker crafts wine, in a way).

So, I’ll have to recommend Chef Stefano Barbato’s recipe; he’s known to be the best at preparing it. In this case, Gelasio plays the role of a cross between Istrian macerated wine, German ice wine, and dry passito. Try it to believe it.

Well, I’ll certainly be in the kitchen in October preparing this wonderful Sunday meal. You should try it at home too, take a photo, and tag us on social media! 😎🍷


Oh! I almost forgot… if you need Gelasio, I’m here for you! πŸ˜‰