Where to eat truffles in Parma

Where to eat truffles in Parma


Do you feel it? I’m writing these lines on September 21st, and it’s the first day after a long, hot, and sweltering summer when I finally smell the scent of autumn 🍂

Perhaps I’m also conditioned by the fact that in two days, the equinox will occur, but finally, the air is cooling down, and with it comes that familiar craving for the typical aromas of the forest.

So, with this lively taste sensation in mind, I thought I’d recommend you three restaurants in Parma and its province where you can indulge in truffle dishes to satisfy your palate if you’re an autumn gourmet like us. 🌰🍄

Let’s get started!


Trattoria La Maestà Trattoria

Trattoria La Maestà was established in the post II Wordl War period, selling fruits, vegetables, salts, and cigarettes. Today, it continues its activity with the third generation, by offering dishes typical of the tradition.

Truffle-based options in the appetizer section include fried polenta served with gorgonzola and truffle fondue, and among the first courses, there are gnocchi with taleggio cheese and truffle.

The restaurant is cozy, both indoors and outdoors, and it exudes a sense of familiarity, with most of the furnishings remaining faithful to the original idea.

Trattoria La Maestà is located at Strada Bertolotta 4, in Ronco Campo Canneto (Trecasali, Parma), and we highly recommend making a reservation. Perfect for a Sunday lunch, they are open every day for lunch and from Wednesday to Saturday for dinner.


Trattoria Vecchio Borgo

Borgo Val di Taro, the reference town of Val Taro, undoubtedly represents its territorial and historical identity as the birthplace of mushrooms and truffles in Emilia Romagna. And there’s a trattoria that goes hand in hand with truffles!

I’m talking about Trattoria Vecchio Borgo, at Via Cassio 14, in the town center, specializing in Emilian cuisine with local and selected ingredients: between mushrooms, truffles, and pasta handmade, they will delight your taste buds 😊

The staff and the owner are super friendly, open every day (except Wednesdays), and only open for lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Pay them a visit and don’t miss a trip to the Castle of Compiano, a stunning location, especially in the summer, for spending an afternoon by the pool.


Trattoria Ceriati

On the first hills of Salsomaggiore Terme, in the Cangelasio area, you’ll find Trattoria Ceriati, rustic and genuine, offering the inevitable dishes of the Parma tradition.

Their cold cuts boards are excellent, and they serve the best torta fritta in the area! Since we are neighbors, I called the owner a while ago and confirmed that from late September onwards, truffle will also be featured on their seasonal menu, recommending that you pair it with our macerated Malvasia, Gelasio, which you can find on their wine list 🍷


And if you’d like to have a wine tasting before lunch, Cantina Il Poggio welcomes you at 10:30 for a vineyard walk, cellar tour, and a cultural tasting, including five glasses of wines and five food pairings.

Finally, to celebrate the beginning of autumn properly, we’ve organized something special for you

Every Saturday in October, we’ll host the “Bread, Wine, and Biodiversity” event, and Cantina Il Poggio will be immersed in a whirlwind of fermentation.

We will share the story of our wines born from the special biodiversity focus we are fortunate to have and the skill to maintain and encourage on the estate.

We’ll pair three types of bread from Forno Alvè, serving as a backdrop for Beppino Occelli butter, 4-year-aged Culatello from Dallatana, extra virgin olive oil from the estate’s olive trees, and Cappuccio Viola and ginger sauerkraut from Vivi Ferments Lab.

If I were you, I’d pay a visit! 😉🍂🌰🍷