Mr Salsese, nice to meet you!

Mr Salsese, nice to meet you!


Imagine yourself having just finished a hard day, working in the countryside.

Between the summer heat and fatigue, you are in desperate need of a relaxing moment to admire the sunset, a appetizer that satisfies your efforts, and a good bottle of wine.

A wine that almost resembles a juice, but has that perfect alcoholic content to cheer you up and provide you with a bit of well-deserved lightness.

A wine to be served in a simple glass, perhaps with a splash of water, cool, easy to drink, and refreshing.


IL SALSESE – Red Sparkling Wine, a product by Cantina Il Poggio based in Salsomaggiore Terme (Emilia Romagna, Italy)


Produced using carefully selected grapes from our well-exposed vineyards, ensuring optimal ripening.

Vinified following the Martinotti/Charmat Method, it is bottled the spring after the harvest, following refermentation in the autoclave.

This wine has a clear, ruby red color and a slightly vinous aroma, characterized by hints of red fruit, in particolar an unripe plum.

It boasts a soft, savory, and warm flavor, with well-balanced tannins, creating a harmonious blend.

This sparkling red wine, which refers to the tradition of Parma, is a must have for appetizers featuring cold cuts, traditional first courses, boiled meats, stews, and roasts.


Glass of red sparkling wine by Cantina Il Poggio

  • Barbera from Salsomaggiore, earthy and rich in aromas, provides a pronounced acidity;
  • Bonarda gives the memory of a still unripe plum that we would like to pick from the tree, but we still have to wait for. And;
  • finally, it is thanks to Merlot that Salsese wine acquires the refinement and elegance it wouldn’t have otherwise.


Serving Temperature: 14°C

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Meet Mr Salsese and enjoy it for a super refreshing summer 2023 🍹🥂💥