Summer Weekend Among the Hills of Piacenza

Summer Weekend Among the Hills of Piacenza


The city of Piacenza, the city center

Fancy for a summer weekend amidst the hills of Piacenza, still relatively untouched by mass tourism and therefore far from the chaotic traffic of high-way!😎

Below, I have carefully prepared an itinerary for you that includes outdoor activities, historical and cultural visits, educational and interactive food and wine tours.

Let’s get started right away!


The hills of Piacenza, a hidden gem in Emilia-Romagna, nestled between the Emiliano Apennines and the Po Valley, are an ideal destination for a weekend of relaxation, adventure, and discovery. This enchanting region offers a variety of experiences, from scenic walks immersed in the still-wild nature to visits to ancient castles, all while enjoying breathtaking views.


Piacenza City

The city of Piacenza is an excellent starting point for this trip. With a millennial history, this charming city offers a multitude of cultural attractions. A visit to the Piacenza Cathedral is a must: with its imposing Romanesque and Gothic façade, the Cathedral houses artistic masterpieces and a mystical atmosphere.

After a stroll through the historic center, I recommend visiting Palazzo Farnese, a splendid Renaissance building. However, leaving the city of Piacenza is essential to discover the authentic beauty of the Hills. An obligatory stop is Castell’Arquato, a picturesque medieval village. Its narrows, historical buildings, and panoramic views will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Don’t miss the Viscontea Fortress and the Clock Tower.

The Regional Park

The Regional Park is a nature reserve not to be missed. With well-marked trails, it’s perfect for hiking or biking or, why not, relaxing! Here, you can immerse yourself in unspoiled nature, passing through forests, vineyards, and hills.

Continuing your journey, by reaching Bobbio, another gem of this area. This town overlooks the Trebbia River and offers one of the most spectacular views in the region. The Gobbo Bridge, of Roman origin, is one of Bobbio’s symbols and is an architectural wonder. Explore the Abbey of San Colombano as well, an ancient monastery surrounded by a picturesque setting.


Hiking, anyone? Or perhaps, relaxation?

The highest point is Mount Penice. Climb to the top to enjoy the breathtaking view, stretching from the Alps to the Po’ Valley. (If you visit the region in winter, Mount Penice turns into a ski resort, offering fun for the whole family).

A weekend in the hills of Piacenza is a unique experience, combining culture, nature, and nice food. Prepare to be fascinated by the history and beauty of Piacenza, get lost in medieval villages, and discover breathtaking views among hills and valleys. There’s no doubt that this adventure will be unforgettable.

But it doesn’t end here!


Wine Tasting at Cantina Il Poggio!

Degustazione di vino alla Cantina Il Poggio. L'immagine ritrae un ragazzo, poco più che ventenne, che tenta di riconoscere i profumi e gli aromi tipici del rosso fermo Il Poggio, vino di punta della cantina stessa.


To conclude your weekend in this beautiful region, treat yourself to a delightful wine experience. Just a few kilometers south, you’ll reach Cantina Il Poggio, which will continue to offer you beautiful hillside views, immersed in the wildest nature.

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