Poggio 2018

Poggio Our Cru, obtained from the most important red grapes variety.

In a bottle of “Poggio”, the typical and indigenous Barbera meets the most important red grapes in the world, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, that our hill makes grow in an exciting way.

Con questo triplice blend creiamo un vino dal forte carattere internazionale, dalla grandissima struttura e dal potenziale di invecchiamento incredibile.

But that’s not enough, and in fact we are going to add the whole berries of our dried Bonarda, loaded like no other grape with the aromas of overripe fruit typical of our land.

The tour of the world then, and then return home, because the most beautiful journeys are those that bring us back to our roots.

One year of aging in wood of different sizes and roasting increases the complexity, before the further rest of at least one year in the bottle.

Thus the smoky scents of Barbera, the power of Cabernet and Merlot, and the refined and intriguing delicacy of Bonarda are enhanced.

The Poggio 2018 is an irreverent, strong and at the same time fine wine, incredibly round and unsettling: it is born free from ties with history, but it has its roots in the maceration in the vat after pressing with the feet done by the children.

Also available in the 1.5L Magnum version because Poggio is the wine for great occasions, important parties and dinners with great expectations.

this great wine finds a perfect harmony with meats, roasted beef, grilled meat, wild and selected cheese. Poured in decanter before consumption exalts its characteristics and qualities.

Scarica il listino prezzi a te dedicato qui sotto, e porta a casa la tua scorta di Poggio 2018, come sempre, fino ad esaurimento.


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